Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SRM 513

I ended up testing this match. The suspense regarding my eerily close to red rating will have to be postponed.

The editorial is up: Editorial

The quick write up has been removed because , well it wasn't that good.


fushar said...

In D1-250, instead of using the error-prone max-mins, I just iterated all possible locations of each platform and checked if it will collide with the balls. It passed as the constraints are low.

Izhari Ishak Aksa said...

OOT, it seems that you forgot to close the superscript tag.

vexorian said...

For some reason, I didn't figure they were so low. The first time I read the problem I was on MPSQAS and apparently it is easier to miss constraints.

I wrote this thing in about 20 minutes between some time during coding phase and the end of the challenge phase. When I revisit it to write the actual editorial, I found many bugs, including that one about superscript. So, I deleted the write up on the blog and replaced it with a link to the editorial.