Saturday, March 31, 2012

Topcoder Open 2012 round 1A

This is what I wrote for the official TCO blog:

More things to say:
  • Cute codes for 250 and 500:
    #define for_each(q, s) for(typeof(s.begin()) q=s.begin(); q!=s.end(); q++) 
    struct EllysJuice
    vector <string> getWinners(vector <string> players)
    if (players.size() == 1) {
    //special case with one turn, the only player wins.
    return vector<string>(1, players[0] );
    // Count how many times a player exists:
    map<string,int> cnt;
    for_each(p, players) {
    // Add those guys with more than 2 instances to the result:
    vector<string> res;
    for_each(x, cnt) {
    if (x->second >= 2) {
    sort(res.begin(), res.end());
    return res;

    // long long once killed a kitten. 
    typedef long long int64;
    #define long int64
    #define for_each(q, s) for(typeof(s.begin()) q=s.begin(); q!=s.end(); q++)
    struct EllysFractions

    long getCount(int N)
    long pn = 0;
    long res = 0;
    set<int> primes;
    for (int x=2; x<=N; x++) {
    // is x prime?
    bool isprime = true;
    for_each(p, primes) {
    isprime &= ( (x % (*p) ) != 0);
    // Yes. Yes, it is...
    if (isprime) {
    // (2 raised to the pn-th) / 2 is the number
    // of fractions for x!
    res += (1LL << pn)/2;
    return res;
    #undef long

  • The problem in which you have to split numbers from 1-N in two parts and one must be denominator and one numerator is a interesting problem by itself. That's the problem I actually solved during the match. It took me 10 minutes to solve this problem and 100 minutes to figure out it was the wrong problem, so I spent most of the match trying to find out why was my solution returning such wrong value for N=100 (By the way, I see no reason at all not to allow a smaller number like 6 but larger than 5, in the example cases other than make people go wrong with this).

  • Once I got desperate and it seemed like I was not going to solve the 500, I switched to 1000. And it seemed like I had solved the problem before and in TopCoder. But I had no idea how to solve it anymore and I could not find the old problem. So far the main suspect is round 306's div1 medium but it is actually a bit different. Maybe it was just a bugged Dejavu.

    In my attempts to find the solution to it through google I found this: Interesting.

  • Blogger has updated its interface and: BOY IT SUCKS ARGGGGGGGGGHHH IT SUCKS IT SUCKS IT SUCKS. Thanks I needed to get it out of my system.

    Seriously, what is Google's problem? This is starting to look like I wasn't exaggerating when I said google was starting a war on color. Worse, google is going backwards now and blogger's interface is actually worse in small screens (buttons don't show up when you edit an entry) than before.

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