Friday, June 01, 2012

SO that's June

It is June. There are few hours till Saturday and it is going to be quite a decisive day for me.

Today was quite a rough start for June. I was writing the editorial for SRM 544 and was supposed to finish it by 9:35 AM. But I really could not and took 12 more hours. No, not because of the hard problem. But because of division I 275. Let us say that I lost hour after hour of my life trying to prove the fact that 201 is the maximum answer.

My original plan for today was to make this post and then focus on a semester project. No luck there.


The IPSC at 6:00 AM. I will have to go to bed right now and prepare. This is a great tournament, and if you are not registered yet you really should get ready to participate. It is a team contest, but I am allergic to team work so I'll be participating alone. If you want a team, try looking for someone in topcoder or codeforces, I am sure there are plenty of people that want teammates.

I really cannot miss IPSC. It is a very unique tournament and has perhaps the best format out of all the contests ever. There are some very unusual problems too.

TCO 2012 Round 2C

The last chance to advance/win a t-shirt. Just one hour after the IPSC ends. You would think that I would have avoided going to IPSC to maximize my energy in this round. No, really, I can't miss the IPSC. My current hope is that going to the IPSC before this round will make me be in coding mode before the contest and will actually energize me. But I could be very wrong.

Will also try posting something for the TCO blog after this match ends. Although I'll admit that after US embassy rejected US visa request rejected in a very rude and frankly outstandingly wrong way I am not the most motivated person to post in that blog.

Later in June, we got other matches like the third GCJ round. I also will try participating in the on going round 3 of the TCO marathon track.


Bruno said...

How many T-shirts were distributed?

vexorian said...


Bruno said...

But, how do they distribute it? Was it on round 1?

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