Friday, October 12, 2012

Test SRM the 16th

After a successful Test SRM on September 25, we are planning to have another one on next Tuesday (October 16th), at 11:00 EDT. It will be followed by a Test MM that starts next Wednesday (October 17th) at 13:00 EDT and lasts for 1 week.

For Test SRM, we again will reuse random problems from the period of SRM 200 -- SRM 400. We will either override the standard applet or I'll post connection link here later.

For Test MM, we will reuse the problem PolygonEstimation from the recent TCO'12 Championship Round. It will either use standard website interface or I'll post participation details here later.

Both rounds are not rated.

Let us fill this one up. It is much better to participate in an actual contest environment than to practice random problems in the arena. Even if you have seen the problems before, funny things happen and you might find them hard or interesting to solve again (has happened...).

Also, note that in the case of PolygonEstimation, it might actually be a interesting match. There is always room for improvement on the algorithms that the top places were using.

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