Saturday, January 26, 2013

HTTPS Everywhere ruleset for topcoder (Updated)

At this moment topcoder is my only source of revenue. Things like how, even if you manually use https, it tends to redirect you to a version with no https in some links, really bother and worry me.

Today I thought of Firefox's HTTPS Everywhere plugin (Also for Chrome). And tried to look how to make it do its magic on and its subdomains. Surprise! it works:

<ruleset name="TopCoder">
<target host="" />
<target host="*" />

<!-- does not exist, they should remove that link...-->
<rule from="^https?://forums\.topcoder\.com/" to=""/>
<!-- Will the earth still spin if there were no regular expressions? -->
<rule from="^http://([^.]+\.)?topcoder\.com/" to="https://$"/>

For info about how to install it, take a look at this guide:

Update I knew it was way too easy, there were bugs with the forums. subdomain. This new version should fix it.

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