Thursday, February 21, 2013

SRM 571 editorial

It is "ready" -

I am trying a whole new layout for editorials. I wonder how it will be received.

The problems were mostly ok. Division 2's easy and medium were WAY easy. The Molecule problems were interesting. And I really love the div1 hard. It was a good choice not to implement it. My initial idea was the one with the donuts, but I didn't think of the cool optimization.

Feel free to comment (really).



agreed , Only possible use might be easiness in comments per problem discussion. But no of such comments on the entire problem set are really low. So I also believe that prior pattern was good one.

vexorian said...

It is still only one page, so it is the same comments.

Since it is only one page, it takes instant to show each problem.

The reason is just that div1 hard tends to take 70% of the space of an editorial, this in theory makes problems easier to find.

In theory.

Will have this in four editorials and then see what happens. (Two editorials to go)