Thursday, March 14, 2013

TopCoder SRM 572, editorial for div1 hard: NextAndPrev

Finally! , this one was hard. Since I couldn't finish it during the 48 hours window I usually reserve, I had to use small portions of free time during the week to finally understand the very helpful comments that rng_58 added to tourist's passing code. Yesterday I finally got it. But I had to do homework so I waited till today to finish it.

Link to problem statement | Link to editorial

This was tough, but in hindsight it doesn't look so hard. I think it was important to have a good starting point with the easy division 2 version of the problem. I had to update the explanation for that problem so I can use it as a base.

I have to add the summary to the editorial (did I mention how much I hate writing the summary?), I will also do language corrections and those things and then the editorial will be ready to publish.

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