Thursday, April 25, 2013

TopCoder Open 2013 round 2B, LitPanels editorial

The editorial for the 1000 points problem is in a state that I can pass it around. Everything is a WIP right now, but it should be readable. Find it here:

My intention was to finish all the editorial today, and it still is. However, I am going through the oddest, most bizare headache and it is driving me crazy. As opposed to a hurtful headache that lasts a couple of hours, it is the most mild headache I ever had, but it is going on for days. Everything else in my body seems fine, but this thing is very unsettling. It is actually amazing how your mind reacts to things. I was very used to headaches that are very awfully strong, I had them for most of my life and could work and concentrate well while having them, because I know them. This new headache is so strange to me, that even though it is very mild it is really a bother.

About the problem, it seems rng_58 upped his game for the TCO problem sets. This contest was very cool (and difficult to me), this problem is in a way very simple, yet at the same time very interesting and was only solved by two coders during the match.

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