Thursday, September 12, 2013

KawgiEdit-pfa with c++ code cleaner and Greed

I released a new update to my unofficial version of KawigiEdit. Among other minor things, I added ahmed_aly's unused code cleaner. He made a custom version of KawigiEdit a long ago that would clean some unused code in c++. When browsing codes in the TopCoder arena, I noticed that there are many coders using his version of KawigiEdit, but since he coded it a while ago, it is missing some of the new features KE has. I merged the two forks together so that coders interested in both the code cleaner and the new features are able to use them. Anyway, the code cleaner is disabled by default (I, for example wouldn't use it, I *love* to make codes full of comments visible to anyone). But it can be enabled in the c++ options.

Get it at the Forum thread

Fun anecdote: This might be the last version of KawigiEdit I release. Yesterday, after making these updates, I thought to myself ("Why are you bothering with this? No one uses it") so I decided to go to the SRM 590 division summary and read codes. Everyone is using some FileEdit variation. Many people are using an old KawigiEdit version (Including some VERY OLD ones). A couple are using the KawigiEdit version with ahmed_aly's code cleaner. Another couple are using fushar's plugin. I did find one submission that uses KawigiEdit-pf though :) Great. (Although since KawigiEdit-pf allows you to remove the Powered by line, maybe some people are using it and just remove it).

Well, I am mostly making these KawigiEdit updates for myself. So it doesn't matter if it doesn't have many users. However, I was noticing that KawigiEdit was giving me some issues in becoming what I wanted it to become. Or rather, I want it to become something that it is not good at. The option to completely disabling loading of code saved in TopCoder is one example.

When reading the codes, I noticed around 5 or so submissions that used "Greed 1.5", that was curious because, unlike the other plugins, I never heard of this one and it wasn't announced in the forums. I was curious and googled. And it is very promising. Actually, Greed turns out to be close to my ideal plugin. Because you can customize even the tester code. I have been having some nice results with it although currently have an issue with long long. I might have more to say more about this plugin and post some tutorials once I decide if it can really do all that I need.

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