Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Topcoder Open 2013 editorial: TheGameDAG

The other month, I utterly failed and couldn't advance to round 2 of the TopCoder open. I didn't even get a t-shirt. Something after that I was contacted by an ominous figure, goes by the name of Rustyoldman. Apparently this year the TCO bloggers (read: Rustyoldman and .... misof) were going to write the editorials for the TCO onsite problems. The catch would be that this time editorial writer would have access to the problems long before the matches, so that editorials could be published fast.

I was undecided. On one side, that means money. On the other side, if my explanations get published at the same time as Rustyoldman's or, worse, misof's, then it would become very clear that my editorials are awful in comparison. I have a very fragile ego and I do not need any of this. Also, TCO onsite problems are ...hard. This was going to be a time sink.

But I eventually agreed. I only had time to write a small amount of editorials (possibly just the following one, I can't disclose more info). So here we go:


Problem statement available at: http://apps.topcoder.com/forums/?module=Thread&threadID=803574&start=0

Editorial available at: http://apps.topcoder.com/wiki/display/tc/TheGameDAG

This one problem was very hard. I needed a couple of weeks (of course, also busy with homework and the other editorials) to think of it. Ultimately I had to ask for help. Gotta thank bmerry for the help in getting me to understand this problem.


anonimous said...

Any plans to have editorials for all the problems in the regular spot?

vexorian said...

All the problems have editorials which you can find in the TCO 13 blog. I am convincing admins to allow me to put them all in the wiki as usual.

Myriam.s said...

Hi Mr vexorian .

i need to your help .
i found this link : " http://vexorian.blogspot.com/2013/04/srm-576-if-only.html "
and it is about analysis of " the expriment problem ".
i need to your analysis about CharacterBoard and CharacterBoard2 , too .

can i have your analysis about them ( like http://vexorian.blogspot.com/2013/04/srm-576-if-only.html ) on my Email please ? just CharacterBoard and CharacterBoard2 .

my Email is :vgn.ns29@gmail.com

I Thank you so much

vexorian said...


Myriam.s said...

Thank you .

Good Luck