Sunday, May 11, 2014

The greatest topcoder t-shirt never made

The other day I received my SRM 600 t-shirt. If you kept attention you'd remember I did terribly in SRM 600 / SRM 600.5 , so you are wondering what's up with that? Simply, turns out all the problem setters / testers who worked in SRM 600 got their t-shirts too. And I was the editorial writer, so this is actually the first t-shirt I got because of writing editorials rather than because of competing.

If you are wondering how the SRM 600 t-shirt looks like. In the front it says [SRM 600] in large letters the back , it has the new Topcoder logo. It is black.

But this blog post is not about that t-shirt. But about this old TC forums bit:

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Members, admins, country wo/men:

We're trying something a little different for the TCCC T-shirt this year.

Thanks to the thread about best member quotes, we thought, "Wouldn't it be cool to see a member's quote on the back of the TCCC T-shirt?"

So, here's what we'd like you to do. Search your little hearts out for your favorite member quotes. Post each one individually, so the member community can use the feedback symbols (+/-) to show their like or dislike of each quote.

Then, on September 11, TopCoder will select the top five quotes. A quote will be chosen if it meets all of the following requirements: member popularity, originality and TopCoder/programming subject matter. On September 18 everyone (admins included) will vote from the chosen five for their absolute favorite.

There won't be any prize money given, but won't the winner feel warm and fuzzy knowing a little part of him or her is being worn by 2000 people? I know I sure would.

To get the ball rolling, I've posted a few of my favorites below.

C'mon, let's see some more now!

(This was eons ago, back when TCCC was a thing)

And the reply:

sql_lall wrote:

I have this quote on my wall at home :) I'm wondering though, how long it'll be until someone changes their quote just for this thread. i.e. ""I memoized inside a ternary search and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" ;)

[Edit: removed my member quote suggestion, as I'm guessing most people are voting for the quote mentioned above. But then again, I could be wrong :p]

So, this is awesome, what happened with this t-shirt idea? Back then, topcoder decided t-shirt contents using the Schulze method. (Topcoder actually deciding anything using a poll now sounds too Alien of a concept). And another idea won: doh

I mean really, An Edison quote? EDISON?? Nobody likes that guy anymore. Disappoint.

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