Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Incredible Rotation Warp - Version 7, I mean 8

I just recently wrote a whole post about version 6 of this rotation idea. I was hoping not to need to update it in a while. But today I got an idea and an urge to implement it.

Id: A270-0000-00D5-F33D

Basically, you now start the game on the (previously-inexistent) "right" area. This right area becomes inaccessible once you use the first pipe. There are many advantages about this, in theory:

  • This way I don't need that extra entry pipe in the rotation room. I noticed that people kept getting confused trying to enter it. With only 3 pipes in this area it is hopefully less confusing.
  • Getting to see this (right) area shall help figuring out that the map rotates quicker.
  • This also works as a good excuse to include some fire flower powerups in (left) and (down) areas.
  • I also changed the name back to "The Incredible Rotation Warp".

I worry that some things like having 3 enemies in the rotation room again would make the level too complex. Let more updates come. Iterative Game Development is going to be the end of me.

Update: And.. an eight one. Just some small tweaks, making it easier to move the spring across. Removed some elements that made the camera scroll up in the final section after flying. Aesthetic tweaks too.

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