Saturday, March 20, 2021

Undusting the old blog. Some changes to come.

It's been a long couple of years. The last year was particularly long and I'd like to reopen this blog and site. There's some new things I want to share. The focus will no longer be programming contests. Although I do plan to participate in some of them in the short term, just because I participate in something it won't mean I will write explanations for that contest.

I want to have a voice for computer-related talk. So first, some recaps of what happened since the last post in.... 2018! 

  • The real job meant that I am much less likely to be able to participate in a contest and I haven't really practiced much. In fact, my C++ skills are really dusty. My performance in programming contests has been abysmal. And that's one of the reasons I haven't been very open to talk about it. If I kept blogging like before my posts would go like "I opened 500-points problem I thought I had it but there was a bug, and I didn't have time to submit 250"
  • I kept improving Cloudy Conway. Or maybe I made it worse? Because its twitter account is far less popular now than it was back in 2016.
  • 2019 Was the year I returned back to Super Mario Maker, due to the release of the Nintendo switch version. Since then I've been using it as a creative outlet and to practice my level design muscles. Recently I've released a Super World containing 31 puzzle levels. Some of which are good.
  • During the Pandemic, I decided to start a Plex server (Plex is a software for making a media server so you can organize your media library and also watch your media in any device that runs their app). One thing led to another and I ended up forking a project that was called "pseudoTV". The name of the fork is "dizqueTV" . It's a tool to creat e your own fake TV channels out of the videos (and audio files) in your plex library.
  • And now in 2021 I decided to quit Mario Maker and instead .... Uh Oh , that's a  long story talk I'll leave for tomorrow.

Recently I've restarted my twitter account. The new official way to find me is @vexorian_  in

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