Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Is Google losing its touch?

I am not sure why, but I really dislike it whenever a site changes its interface. However, this is less than just a change in interface, I can honestly say that Google Reader's new interface is just ... wrong.

Somewhere, a google graphics designer really thought that a grayscale color scheme with Red tones actually looks good on the eye! I really miss the blue, the blue is nice and calms you. Whilst this black and red scheme can only remind me of... well, Nazis. Yes, that's right, red, black and white = Nazis to me. In other words, it is great that google want to reduce clutter, but less clutter shouldn't mean duller, creepy color schemes. I miss color. Color made my life happier and more exciting. It gave me... hope.

It is true that I am being off topic. It is true that I also somehow managed to Godwin Google reader. However, I really dislike this color scheme and I need a place to vent, so if you have not unsubscripted yet, thank you.

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Peter said...

google is losing its touch for sure.
For example, google map Korea is so outdated! a lot of the subway info on the map is outdated.
When I was visiting Seoul, I got lost due to this fact!