Sunday, November 27, 2011

Seriously google, what's wrong with you?

Need a place to vent. Remember that post I made about not liking the google reader colors at all?.

Well, to be honest, the colors thing is still awful. There is still no way to pick a different color theme and the only color theme still seems to be greatly inspired by the Nazi flag. But the most depressing thing of it all is that that is not the biggest problem. Once I tried to get past the color issues, I learned that the new google reader was also awful in the inside. this somethingawful post does a good job explaining it. There is also this post from a former google employee.

It is almost as if google hated google reader and wanted to kill it. I don't like that idea. I liked google reader, it was useful. I used it to read feeds, find "feeds I may like", and also it used to be the way I picked news items to post in the right side of this blog. For some reason, google do not want that. It is almost as if they assigned someone who has never used google reader to update it. Why?

I don't want to use google+ to be able to share feed items. I don't want to use google+. Its anti-anonymity features are too lame.

Do you use google reader? What do you think of the changes?

Also, in the same vein, a gmail theme update is coming soon. In fact, you can already see the "new look". And boy does it seem to originate from the same anti-color people that made the google reader change. At least you can change the theme... Except that all the themes have little to no saturation nor contrast. I mean, I tried all the themes and they all seem to use the dullest possible color for text background. Except the "HD" themes which either use black text on dark background or have as dull a color scheme as the non-HD ones.

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