Saturday, December 28, 2013

SRM 601 div1 hard editorial

I really hate these delays. It is also seeming very dangerous for my well-being now that there are 4 SRMs a month. I just finished SRM 601, and ... SRM 602 is starting in less than 2 hours. So I am basically going to have to keep working...

What's most disappointing is that the problem that caused this delay, was a beautiful one that was not really difficult. Yet I still had a whole damn 46 hours delay on it! What is going on???

You know what? I blame Christmas.

Yes, Christmas. My original plan was to release the first 5 problems ASAP, but could only finish by Noon of the 24-th. Then of course the 24-th and 25-th were going to be a waste of time. My last hope was the 25-th night and the morning of the 26-th. But I underestimated how much stressful and energy draining Christmas is! When I stumbled upon the original explanation and the further explanation from the admins for this problem, I couldn't process it until last night.

It is a very cool problem, which is also impossible to explain and understand. Sorry for the bad, late editorial.

Don't forget to vote (positive or negative, you decide, but please vote). 200 people read this blog monthly and 1000s participate in SRMs, yet there are usually only 25 or so editorial votes?

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