Saturday, December 21, 2013

TopCoder folder organization TAKE TWO

Some time ago I talked about how I made a script to be able to organize TopCoder problem source codes by automatically creating a folder for each contest. But some time after that I had to desist of using this folder organization, because TopCoder contests have different names during the match and when in the practice room ! (During the contest, it is Single Round Match XXX, the practice room is SRM XXX). So if I used Greed to organize my problems like that, I would have to always move my code from a folder to another after every match. And that's annoying.

After that, the hindrances of having all problem source codes in the same folder became more and more noticeable to me. However, I also reckoned that a folder per contest was not so great, either, too many folders. Both approaches return in the main folder having too many children. My dream solution was something of a hybrid. Separating SRMs in groups of 25 SRMs, TCO problems in one folder, TCHS folders in another, TCCC in another. And also a folder for the remaining contests. There are a few of odd contests that don't belong to those categories and we don't really need a whole category or folder for each of them.

Modifying Greed

The first step of making this work is to make the arena plugin do it. After some hacking and some convincing I managed to get the code to do exactly that into the current git version. It will be officially in whatever next release is (second beta? Official Greed 2.0? Who knows?. But you can just compile Greed from its github right now if you want this.

What I did was to create a complex helper Class to render Contest names using very special rules. Basically, you modify Greed.conf and add:

  codeRoot = "${Contest;category(srm=25)}"

This instructs Greed to change the codeRoot folder to a special kind of name. By default, codeRoot is exactly equal to the contest name found out by Greed, but with this modification, it will be equal to "TCO" if the contest name contains "TCO" or "Topcoder open". Or if the contest name is "SRM XXX" or "Single Round Match XXX", the folder name will be "SRM a-b", where a-b is a interval that contains 25 SRMs. E.g. "SRM 400-424". Of course, if you change the srm=25 with srm=100, the number of SRMs per interval changes. Here you can find a detailed explanation of what ;category does.

Moving problems

The old problems were in a single topcoder folder containing them all. Now that greed uses the folder structure I wanted it to use, I still need to move previous problems to the correct folders.

The first issue was getting a problem's contest name automatically. I solved this little problem with the folder organizer script I posted a while back. Now all the problems are inside folders with names equal to topcoder contests. But I still needed to re-organize these folders...

So I made another script:

# Topcoder folder organizer 
# err let us say it is released under the zlib/libpng license
# (c) Victor Hugo Soliz Kuncar, 2011
import urllib, re, sys, os, time, string, glob

def fixContest(result):
separate = 25
if 'TCHS' in result:
result = 'TCHS'
elif 'TCCC' in result:
result = 'TCCC'
elif re.match( ".*(TCO|(top\s*coder\s*open)).*" , result, flags=re.IGNORECASE):
result = 'TCO'
elif re.match( ".*(SRM|single\s*round\s*match)\s*(\d+).*" , result, flags=re.IGNORECASE):
num = re.match( ".*(SRM|single\s*round\s*match)\s*(\d+).*" , result, flags=re.IGNORECASE).group(2)
#print '{%s}' % num4
num = int(num)
a = num - num % separate
b = a + separate - 1
result = 'SRM %d-%d'%(a,b)
else :
result = 'Other'
return result

def inFolder():

for dirname, dirnames, filenames in os.walk('.'):

# print path to all filenames.
for filename in filenames:
if dirname != '.':
contest = './'+fixContest(dirname[2:])
if not os.isdir(contest):
os.mkdir( contest )
os.rename( os.path.join(dirname,filename), os.path.join( contest, filename) )


What the script does is take each folder in the current work directory ( ./ ) and for each folder, get the contest category (Same as ;category("srm=25") in Greed) (You can change the separate variable in the script from 25 to something else). And move the files inside the folder to the better category.

That's it

Thanks to the modifications of Greed and the two scripts, I have a neatly organized topcoder folder. Note that because of ;category, no matter if a contest is named "Single Round Match XXX" or "SRM XXX", the result is the same.

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