Friday, August 02, 2013

SRM 586 Editorial finally there If you already read it before and are not interested in div1 medium, please go to the link anyway, because it now has the vote thing... I mean really, supposedly TopCoder has 500000 members, and a couple thousands are active in SRMs, but editorials only get around 20 votes if lucky? That doesn't make any sense.

I finally finished the editorial for the medium problem. Not without getting directions from hex539. I actually was quite close during the match. Remember my recap? Now that I fixed my setup, and valgrind shows line numbers, I was able to quickly find the mistake I had during the match. It turns out that battles could be space-separated lists and not just each index = a single battle. I didn't notice because the first example was nicely formatted. Then when valgrind wasn't giving me line numbers I think I panicked. It seems that I am a completely incapable c++ programmer without valgrind...

Anyway, although I had the top-level idea - You can find bounds from each battle, then you need a transitive closure to improve the bounds. I had no idea how to do the transitive closure. So I doubt I would have solved the problem during a match even in optimal test environment.

So, now I have to write the editorial for SRM 587. I started SRM 586 late because of finishing SRM 585, this is starting to be an issue. I wanted to finish 586 really fast , but it took me too long to get the hard. I hope to finish SRM 587 quickly, because I can't spend all my time doing editorials. I'd like to have a breath before SRM 588, really.

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