Thursday, August 29, 2013

SRM 589 Editorial

I have finished writing the editorial for TopCoder SRM 589:

As you most likely noticed. Later I have had many delays in releasing these editorials. I got to say that these delays are really a shameful thing for me. The causes are varied. I plan to make a blog post when I have more time about what was going on and what I learned and what I am trying to do to improve things. At least in the case of this editorial, it seems that my new methods are working. Although the problem set was easier than usual.

I am not sure if the explanations I used for div1/div2 hard are too good. I think I fell in the over -verbose trap a bit. Another thing, the two problems are similar but not similar enough to allow me to just link to div2 hard explanation instead of explaining many things again in div1 explanation.

Something funny happened while I was explaining division 2 - medium. I was intending to explain the dynamic programming approach I created and explaining in the forums. But while I typed that explanation, I noticed that the problem totally had a greedy solution. So I had to do it all over again after finishing the explanation.

Please remember to vote. Positively or negatively, but vote. I want to see more than just 20 votes. 1000s participate in a SRM, why aren't they reading these things?

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