Saturday, August 10, 2013

SRM 587 editorial previews

It has been a long week. Remember that when I finished SRM 586's editorial I really intended to do 587 quickly?. It seemed like I was going to do it! The match seemed easy too. The problem, however, was that I just couldn't find a good proof for the hard problems. This is a match in which the proof for the hard problems was probably the only complicated thing, so I really wanted to have something very formal. As I was working on it, eventually my chronic headache came back looking for a revenge. It was being a nice guy for the previous weeks, but this week it was affecting me in a way that really slowed me down. But I was going there. I finally finished these editorials. The rest of the match will be easy, I think, div1 medium will require me to spend some time doing Inkscape stuff, though.

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